Eat What You Like

One of the problems with eating”well” is finding a healthy mix of foods that you can stand to eat. Depending on your food preferences, that can be a big deal. If all of the nutrients you need come from a class of foods that you really just can’t stand, getting them in your diet can be a challenge.

For many foods, soups are a good delivery vehicle. Once a soup is put together and simmers for a while, all of the flavors blend together. The offending foods just blend into the mix. Then the challenge is to get enough soup into your diet.

There are actually two factors at play when it comes to eating well. Getting the right amount of good stuff into your body to meet your goals. Knowing what you need to keep yourself healthy and trim can be a complicated thing. You need to be careful not to over eat while still getting enough nutritious food to fuel your efforts.

In order to do this correctly you will need to spend some time understanding not only good nutrition (and good nutrition that contains the food you need in order to handle the needs of your body as you train) but also how your particular style interacts with that plan.

You will really need to find foods or food groups that fit your plan and that you like. If you do not succeed at that you will constantly have cravings that you can’t quite identify but that have the potential to torpedo your long range goals.

Find a way to answer those cravings, they are not always bad things. There are two types of cravings, those that are learned and those that are innate. Sometimes it’s your addiction to sugar that gets you in trouble. Sometimes it’s a nutrient that your body isn’t getting enough of and that craving will have you eating all sorts of random stuff until you accidentally hit on the right food.

It is worth your while to try to sort those cravings out. Find out which are learned addictive behaviors and which are actual signals. Once you do that spend some time to nail down what your body is craving and how to resolve that craving so you can handle it in a rational, non-binging manner.

Eat what you like, like what you eat. So long as you cover the other bases, everthing else will work out.


Take a Hike

I recommend that you get off the couch and out into the world.

I really recommend that you get out in the world in the larger sense that you get involved with other people. Make connections, they have been proven to add years to a person’s life.

But if getting out with other people is too much to ask for now. At least get out. Get moving. Take a walk. Even the limited activity that comes from wandering around town window shopping has positive effects on life expectancy and ┬áperson’s outlook on life.

If you find that you are firmly ensconced on your couch specifically because the idea of running in to other people, just make plans that make it so you will not have to interact with anyone. If there are no secluded trails in your area that you can walk without running the risk of running into someone, perhaps you would be wiser to get yourself a bike.

There aren’t that many people or that many situations where someone is going to bother to try to strike up a conversation with somebody going by on a bike. You can ignore people without having to worry about them thinking that you are not a nice person. it is especially easy to pretend you aren’t aware by putting your head down and speeding up a bit. That isn’t stand-offish, that’s dedication.

And when you get done with your spate of exercise go home, take a shower, and eat a plate full of vegetables

Just kidding. That’s next week.